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Video Coverage of KEVIN'S STORY and The Choking Game
NBC's TODAY SHOW: February 8, 2010
This national coverage explains how The Good Kid's Game is a fast track to adolescent death. Ken Tork is interviewed by the Today Show's Meredith Viera after Kevin's story airs on national television.
Click HERE to visit the Today Show site, and see the video.
Dr. OZ
Dr. Oz' staff estimates the Choking Game may be responsible for up to a thousand teen deaths a year. In this video, you get a much better understanding of what happens to the body when the Choking Game is played. You will also find many more teaching and online resources with this link.

Click HERE to view the Dr. OZ website page about the Choking Game
KING-5 Television (Seattle)
This October 29, 2009 coverage by KING's Eric Wilkinson highlight's Kevin's story and more.

Click here to visit the KING-5 web site.

Official Awareness Sites about the Choking Game
The Dangerous Behaviors Foundation sponsors "". Their mission is to increase awareness of the deadly game in an effort to decrease injury and fatalities. They were founded in 2005, and have many success stories to their credit.

Visit the website now.
GASP: Games Adolescents Shouldn't Play
This is another sanctioned site, which has plenty of resources, explanations about how to get involved, and accepts donations to spread awareness about the behaviors.

Visit the GASP web site now.
ED4ED: Education for Educators
Ed 4 Ed is a volunteer group of advocates dedicated to stopping the choking game and other deadly risk behavior such as huffing, emo etc. Our program allows you the layperson to have a powerful voice in preventing the needless death or injury of our precious children by providing you with accurate information and easy to use resources that can give you the ability to save lives. Please visit the ED 4 ED blog site to learn more about our program and how you can become a part of a growing network of advocates and how you can help make a difference. Visit their site:

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